Biden Targets South Carolina Black Voters Ahead of Primary

President Joe Biden, aiming to bolster his support among black voters in South Carolina, remains steadfast in his efforts despite reservations from other voter demographics as he seeks to secure backing in the state’s inaugural Democratic primary contest.

As the primary looms on Feb. 3, Biden aims to garner significant endorsement from South Carolina to officially launch his re-election campaign. A week before the crucial primary, the president plans to directly engage with voters in the Palmetto State.

In response to mounting criticisms, Biden’s campaign strategists are targeting South Carolina as a pivotal battleground to address concerns surrounding the president’s historically low approval ratings.

Black voters in South Carolina played a vital role in rejuvenating Biden’s 2020 bid following setbacks in Iowa, New Hampshire, and Nevada. Democrats perceive legal challenges, voter mobilization efforts, and increased funding as crucial components during Biden’s and other prominent Democrats’ visits to the state.

Congressman Jim Clyburn (D-SC), an essential ally in Biden’s 2020 campaign and co-chairman of his 2024 effort, underscored the importance of South Carolina’s voter demographic in shaping electoral outcomes.

Despite a recent New Hampshire victory through a vigorous write-in campaign, Biden faces obstacles in accumulating delegates for the party’s nominating convention due to New Hampshire’s non-compliance with the Democratic National Committee’s primary calendar.

Biden’s support among black Americans has diminished amid apprehensions over policy directions, resulting in a decline from over 80 percent to below 60 percent. The campaign, however, contends that polling figures present an incomplete narrative and portray Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris’s Southern trips as proactive engagements rather than responses to concerns.