Biden Reportedly Planning Campaign Event With Obama and Clinton, ‘All Hands on Deck’ Approach

The Biden administration is reportedly working closely with former Presidents Barack Obama and Bill Clinton for a fundraising event towards his 2024 campaign.

The campaign team allegedly hopes the event will help urge voters to re-elect the current president.

“The plan underscores the belief among Biden allies that the party needs an all-hands-on-deck approach to help him win a second term,” a report by NBC News explained.

“It’s also just one in a growing list of ways that Democratic leaders, and the Biden campaign, are gearing up for a general election they view as having the highest of stakes.”

The report said that “the campaign is increasing the pace of its hiring, particularly in battleground states, and ramping up its focus on voters whose support it believes will decide the November election, officials said. Biden, for instance, has tailored recent events to Black voters, including on Saturday in South Carolina. Vice President Kamala Harris on Saturday in Nevada kicked off a series of small events with Latino voters.”

The administration allegedly plans to have Biden “out in the country” campaigning at least two days a week.

“It’s going to be very aggressive,” a White House official said. “We’ve mixed up the events so the president is out there talking to people individually.”

“There is real focus and urgency around making sure we beat Trump,” a Biden adviser said. “Everyone is all in. And this kind of event early on is just the latest demonstration of that.”