Biden Faces Criticism Over Remarks on Israel, Snickers in CNN Interview

In an exclusive interview with CNN, President Joe Biden faced criticism for appearing “confused” as he discussed Israel and repeated a debunked claim about Snickers bars.

During the rare one-on-one television interview with CNN’s Erin Burnett on Wednesday in Wisconsin, a pivotal battleground state, Biden aimed to highlight his agenda for bolstering manufacturing and technology jobs in the Midwest amid lagging poll numbers.

The conversation turned to Israel, where Biden’s remarks were characterized as meandering and disjointed. A video posted by conservative @RNCResearch on X captured Biden’s response: “If you look at the data, these demonstrations are real but they’re not nearly, I mean, look, and everybody – I made a speech on the Holocaust the other day”, reflecting a departure from the main topic.

Burnett also questioned Biden about rising inflation across the U.S., noting that grocery prices had surged over 30 percent since the pandemic began. Biden acknowledged the impact, stating, “It really is, and it’s real. but the fact is that people have the money to spend.”

He continued by mentioning “shrinkflation,” pointing to Snickers bars as an example where the product size decreased by 20 percent while the price remained constant, attributing this to “corporate greed.”

Critics on X reacted strongly to Biden’s comments, with one user blaming the president for increased costs, citing energy policy changes and government spending. Another highlighted the sacrifices people make to afford groceries, challenging Biden’s assertion about people having money to spend.

Amid these responses, one user humorously questioned Biden’s reference to “they” having money, indicating it did not align with their own financial reality.