Biden Admin Pledges Another $53 Million to Ukraine

President Biden’s administration has offered to provide an additional $53 million to bolster Ukraine’s war-torn power grid.

  • The Biden administration has pledged to give another $53 million in American tax dollars to Ukraine for the country’s interrupted power grid.
  • Secretary of State Anthony Blinken made the announcement Tuesday during a meeting with NATO allies, saying the move is aimed to help Ukrainian residents persevere throughout the winter season. 
  • According to reports, the money would largely be used to purchase circuit breakers and distribution transformers.
  • The Biden administration has no way to track the military supplies it has sent to Ukraine, sources have told CNN.
  • Officials and defense analysts told the news outlet that there is potential for these weapons to end up in the hands of militaries and militias other than Ukraine’s.
  • “We have fidelity for a short time, but when it enters the fog of war, we have almost zero,” one source said. “It drops into a big black hole, and you have almost no sense of it all after a short period of time.”
  • Earlier this month, House Republicans introduced a bill that would audit funding the Biden admin has given Ukraine so far.
  • The lawmakers are requesting that all information regarding military, civilian, and financial aid to Ukraine be sent no later than 14 days after the resolution is adopted.
  • “The American people deserve to know where their hard earned tax dollars are going to foreign country who is not a member of NATO and President Biden himself said he would not defend,” Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene told the Daily Caller.