Assault on the Second Amendment: Opinion

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Beth Walker, Influencer for American Faith

President Biden’s speech on Tuesday, promoting his gun control agenda, falls short of addressing real issues while infringing on the rights of responsible gun owners. The proposed measures, which he claims will reduce violence, threaten to undermine the freedoms and safety of countless American citizens.

My experience is similar to that of the millions of responsible gun owners who use firearms safely and lawfully. As an employee of the firearms industry, I know firsthand that safety, rigorous training, and responsible ownership are top priorities for manufacturers. I have been a professional competitive shooter since the age of 15, a firearms instructor, and an industry professional; because of this, I can guarantee that this community is not the problem but a vital part of the solution.

The right to keep and bear arms must be protected. It is essential to understand that there are up to 2.5 million lives saved annually by firearms, up to 200 thousand women use firearms every year to defend against sexual abuse, and 94% of mass shootings occur within gun-free zones. Biden’s proposals will render responsible Americans defenseless and empower criminals.

The call for a ban on so-called “assault weapons” is particularly concerning. These firearms are crucial for competitive shooting, self-defense, and other recreational purposes. They are functionally similar to many hunting rifles and are widely used by Americans for protection and sport. Banning them would strip law-abiding citizens of their rights and compromise their ability to defend themselves.

Additionally, while seemingly sensible, pushing red flag laws could have extreme unintended consequences. These measures often lack due process and could be used to unjustly target individuals, including women who seek to protect themselves from domestic threats. As a woman who has carried a concealed firearm since the age of 18, I understand the importance of having the means for self-defense. One of Biden’s key proposals, an expanded “universal” background check system, can be used to start an unofficial firearms registry and increase the number of false flags during the background check process. This can bar timely access to a firearm.

Rather than restricting the rights of law-abiding citizens, efforts should focus on addressing the root causes of overall violence: mental health, broken communities, and a justice system that does not punish violent crime with harsh enough penalties. Strengthening mental health support, fostering community engagement, and ensuring the enforcement of existing laws can make a meaningful difference without infringing on constitutional rights. The firearms industry has piloted many amazing programs like Kids Safe Foundation, Faster Saves Lives, and Walk the Talk America to help reduce these threats.

It is critical to remember that the Second Amendment is not solely about hunting or sport shooting. The primary purpose of the Second Amendment is for citizens to have access to tools to protect their freedom. An increasingly overreaching government is working to restrict and slowly ban these tools. It also protects the individual right to self-defense, so no one has to wait minutes for law enforcement response when seconds count. This is particularly crucial for women, who may be more vulnerable to physical threats.

Biden’s proposals fail to recognize the reality of responsible gun ownership and its critical role in personal and public safety. The administration should reconsider its approach and focus on solutions that respect constitutional rights while effectively addressing the root causes of violence.

Policies should unite citizens in the common goal of safety and freedom, not divide them by infringing on fundamental liberties. A safer America can be achieved without sacrificing the rights that define it.