Andrew Cuomo Not Facing Charges Over COVID Nursing Home Deaths

Attorney announces former New York Governor Andrew Cuomo will not be legally charged for the controversial deaths in nursing homes during COVID.

  • Prosecutors in New York will not press charges against Andrew Cuomo for misleading the public about the number of COVID deaths tied to nursing homes, the former governor’s attorney said on Monday.
  • “I was told that after a thorough investigation — as we have said all along — there was no evidence to suggest that any laws were broken,” defense attorney Elkan Abramowitz said.
  • A spokesman for the Manhattan district attorney’s office declined to comment.

  • In March of 2020, Cuomo had ordered that COVID-positive patients be put into nursing homes for care at the peak of the pandemic, despite higher risk for the elderly patients living there.
  • When criticized, Cuomo denied that he was responsible and blamed nursing home workers for the number of nursing home deaths, The Blaze reported.
  • “COVID did not get into nursing homes by people coming from hospitals,” said Cuomo. “COVID got into the nursing homes by staff walking into the nursing home when they didn’t know they had COVID.”
  • The Associated Press reported in August 2020 that New York had a much higher nursing home death count than what officials would admit and the state only counted nursing home residents who died on the property in their tally, meaning residents who were transported to the hospital and then passed were not in the final count.
  • In February 2021, a former aide to Cuomo publicly stated that the administration covered up information relating to the nursing home deaths, the New York Post said.