‘Agenda PAC’ Targets Politicians Who Oppose LGBT Movement

New ‘Agenda PAC’ aims to target politicians who go against the liberal agenda and “hold anti-LGBTQ+ politicians and elected officials accountable.”

  • The PAC claims they are “filling a gap and creating something that doesn’t exist in the political ecosystem right now —an entity laser focused on creating aggressive campaigns going after the beatable bigots on our shared freedoms of LGBTQ+ rights and reproductive rights,” according to its website.
  • The group plans to first target Pennsylvania gubernatorial candidate Doug Mastriano, who is currently running against Democrat Josh Shapiro.
  • “Agenda PAC aims to bring the fight for LGBTQ+ rights to the doorstep of those who attack the community,” the website continues.
  • In addition, the group plans to attack Republican Steve Chabot of Ohio and Ken Calvert of California.
  • “A long-term goal of Agenda PAC is to act as a deterrent for anti-LGBTQ+ lawmakers – giving them a reason to think twice before pushing their anti-LGBTQ+ agendas,” the website states.

“Agenda PAC will run aggressive, accountability-driven independent expenditure campaigns against anti-LGBTQ+ politicians in winnable races at the federal, state and local levels, as well as defend LGBTQ+ allies in races where our support can turn the tide,” the group says.

  • While the group claims there “is no organized, national campaign to hold accountable politicians who attack our community’s rights,” just a few months prior, President Biden announced his plans to take “bold actions” to “fight for full equity” for people in the LGBTQ community.
  • To “mark Pride Month, President Biden will sign an Executive Order Advancing Equality for LGBTQI+ Individuals, and he will welcome LGBTQI+ families, advocates, elected officials, and leaders to the White House for a reception,” the White House website wrote in June.