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Exclusive: Audit Reveals FBI Rule-Breaking in Probes Involving Politicians, Religious Groups, Media

I agents violated their own rules at least 747 times in 18 months while conducting investigations involving politicians, candidates, religious groups, the news media and others, according to a 2019 FBI audit obtained by The Washington Times. 

Biden’s Pick to Lead ICE Was Probed Over Domestic Violence Complaint

President Biden’s nominee to lead the country’s deportation agency faced a domestic violence accusation from his wife, according to documents filed in a tangentially related sexual harassment lawsuit.

Florida Teens Walk Out of School to Protest Parental Rights Bill

Florida teenagers have staged a statewide walkout from their classrooms to protest the state’s proposed parental bill of rights, which would forbid teachers from discussing gender identity and sexual orientation in elementary schools.

D.C. Braced, Uncertain as Trucker Convoy Puts the Hammer Down

l was braced for it was not quite clear what as a sizable convoy of truckers protesting COVID-19 vaccine mandates and other causes bore down on the city from the north.

Bill Barr Taking Heat From Both Parties for His New Book About Trump

Former Attorney General William Barr is taking fire from the left and the right over his upcoming book about his turbulent tenure in the Trump administration.

Pence Joins the List of CPAC Outcasts Deemed Disloyal to Trump

For the second year in a row, former Vice President Mike Pence was a no-show at the country’s most influential meeting of conservative activists.

Conservatives Seek Local Election Wins to Stack Team Bench

Conservative activists are setting their sights on elections for school boards, town halls and county councils.

Trump Slams Biden’s Russia Sanctions as Weak, Insignificant

Former President Donald Trump on Tuesday slammed President Biden’s proposed sanctions to prevent a Russian invasion of Ukraine as ineffective.

DHS Has Now Released All 76,000 Afghan Evacuees From Military Bases Into U.S.

Homeland Security announced the departure of the last Afghan evacuees from military bases on U.S. soil Saturday, saying 76,000 of them have been processed and released into American communities.

Corporate America Relaxes Mask Rules, Reopens Offices as Blue States Relent on COVID-19 Mandates

Retailers await CDC mask update, struggle with fractured landscape

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