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Mayorkas ‘Was Not Aware’ of Disinformation Chief’s ‘Precocious’ TikTok Vids 

When questioned under oath, Mayorkas says he wasn't of the now-viral videos before her nomination.

Tennessee Makes Previous Infection Equal to Vax Status in Govt. Private Sector

The law will be enacted without the governor's signature of approval.

Every Trump-Backed Candidate in Ohio, Indiana Won Their Primary Race

The former president endorsed 22 candidates in the two states.

Iowa Town Becomes 49th Sanctuary City for the Unborn

City Council votes unanimously to ban abortion within their city.

Fox News Joins Mainstream Media in Silence on Sold Out Election Fraud Film

Mention of sold-out film couldn't be found in a search of Fox's website.

Ukraine Arresting Citizens Over Misinformation on Russia

Zelenskyy signed anti-collaboration laws that include public statements of support for Russia.

Elementary Special Ed Teacher Caught on Video Choking Child Who Refused to Wear COVID Mask

Despite the governor rescinding the mask mandate, the boy was harassed for not putting on his mask.

California Builds ‘Firewall’ of Protection Around Abortion Rights

Gov. Newsom said he wouldn't allow the right of mothers to end their pregnancy to be taken from Californians.

Staffers Committed ‘Unforgivable Sin’ by Leaking Draft Decision to Overturn Roe v. Wade, Says SCOTUSblog

Leaked first draft of a majority opinion to overturn the abortion law caused a massive uproar Monday evening.

228 Probable Child Hepatitis Cases Reported by WHO Under Investigation

WHO still investigating what could be the cause of the unexpected occurrence in children.

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