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Trump Favored Over DeSantis as Likely Republican Nominee

New poll shows Trump with an aggressive lead over his closest competitor, Gov. Ron DeSantis.

Welsh Businesses Demand Govt. Create COVID Mandate Exemptions

Businesses in Wales have demanded the government roll back their vaccine mandate after they were unable to provide evidence it slowed the spread of coronavirus. 

Jan. 6 Committee Could Be Used Against Dems in 2022 According to Experts

Experts believe the broad scope of the Jan. 6 committee could come back to haunt Democrats if power in the House changes hands in the upcoming election.

‘Defeat the Mandate’ Rally in D.C. Features First Responders Vaccine Mandate Backlash

Washington D.C.’s anti-vaccine mandate rally was marked by last year’s front-line and essential workers, as well as first responders who objected to mandatory COVID-19 vaccine mandates.

California Parents Outraged Over Bill That Allows Vaxxing of 12-Year-Olds Without Parental Consent

Parents in California are pushing back against a proposed bill that would circumvent the need for parental consent for medical treatment, namely the COVID-19 vaccination.

Persecution of Christians in Cuba Sees Massive Increase After 2021 Push for Freedom

In an exclusive report Breitbart News outlines the deteriorating situation for Christians in communist-controlled Cuba.

Biden Admin. Blamed for Supply Chain Crisis Leaving Shelves Empty Nationwide

Supply chain crisis puts a strain on stores to keep necessities like baby formula as supplies are strained due to manufacturing, packaging, and transportation.

Major Biden Donor Says His Audience ‘Doesn’t Care’ About China’s Genocide of Uyghur People

Chamath Palihapitiya, co-owner of the Golden State Warriors, brushed off the topic of genocide and enslavement in China during a recent podcast.

YouTube Calls Bible ‘Hate Speech’: ‘You Are Fighting God’

California Pastor John MacArthur’s sermon was removed from the platform and deemed “hate speech.”

China Controls the Spread of Omicron by Enforcing Lockdown With Drones

Drones are patrolling city streets in China warning of possible punishments if lockdown orders aren’t obeyed.

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