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Macron Considers ‘Dismantling’ American Social Media Platforms

French president wants to ban online anonymity.

Instagram Influencers the LaBrant Family’s Pro-life Video Removed as Fans Attack Their Stance

The internet-famous couple has received a huge backlash for their abortion documentary.

Americans Are ‘In Charge of War on the Ground’ in Ukraine, Says Journalist

Recently returned French journalist spent a week in Ukraine and was surprised to find Americans "in charge" on the ground.

Smugglers Hire Teens to Drive Illegal Immigrants Across Border: Report

Human smugglers reportedly now looking to teens to do their dirty work of making the trip across the border with illegal migrants.

Anti-lockdown States Performed Better Overall During the Pandemic

Thinktank finds states that resisted the stricter COVID-related lockdown measures appear to have faired better overall during an assessment of pandemic-related detriments.

Judge Denies Motion to Dismiss Case Brought Against Him by Special Counsel John Durham: Trial Set for Next Month

A federal judge denied the motion brought by a Clinton campaign attorney to throw the case out.

Border Agents ‘Cleared’ of Accusations They Were ‘Whipping’ Migrants

A recent investigation cleared U.S. Border agents of the accusations of egregious misconduct supported by the White House.

Video of Capitol Police Allowing Protesters to Enter Side Door Will Be Used in Court

The video will be used to defend two Jan. 6 participants who are on trial for "Obstruction of an Official Proceeding." 

Person of Interest in Subway Shooting Railed Against Racism, Homelessness

Subway shooting suspect spoke frequently about homelessness and warned about plots to exterminate black people.

10 Shot in Brooklyn Subway, Many Injured

Gunman dressed as a construction worker and wore a gas mask as a disguise.

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