China Covid Apologist Peter Daszak ‘Recuses Himself’ From Prestigious Coronavirus Board

China’s favorite Covid apologist, Peter Daszak, recused himself from participating in a prestigious medical advisory board on Covid-19 after it was revealed he has massive conflicts of interest.

Biden Is ‘Doing Grave Spiritual Harm to Himself and Harm to This Country’

On Monday, Meghan McCain delivered a stern warning to President Joe Biden, who claims to be a practicing Roman Catholic but whose politics vehemently opposes the official doctrines of his church.

Teen Mental Health Emergency Room Visits Skyrocketed During Pandemic

When the inevitable analyses of actions taken during the pandemic to mitigate the coronavirus infection are written, they will not be able to ignore the human cost of forcibly keeping us apart due to the mad-scientist social experiment we called a “lockdown.”

Americans Must Demand a New Tax System in the Wake of a Major IRS Tax Leak

Yesterday, ProPublica published a database that included the personal tax information of several exceptionally wealthy Americans. It will not be linked here because the disgusting piece posted personal, possibly hacked information. The IRS better hope it was a hack—or else one of its own needs to go to jail. The laws governing the disclosure of tax information are unambiguous and have very few exceptions.

Governor Newsom Reneges on Promise to Surrender His Emergency COVID-19 Powers

California Governor Gavin Newsom promised to surrender his emergency powers to govern under a public health emergency by June 15. But yesterday during a vaccine lottery event, Newsom claimed it wasn’t the time to surrender any of his powers, claiming “uncertainty in the future” is reason enough for him to maintain his power to enforce mask mandates and business restrictions.

The Five Biggest Bombshells (So Far) From Fauci’s Emails

The release of thousands of Dr. Fauci’s emails as the result of a Freedom of Information Act request has given us a trove of information about Fauci’s behind-the-scenes actions during the pandemic. And there are quite a few bombshells. Below are five key bombshells I’ve identified, though I’m sure more will be coming to light soon.

CNN’s Take on the Fauci Emails Is REALLY Disturbing

While most of us who have read the bombshell FOIA emails from Dr. Fauci believe they prove he wasn’t telling Americans the truth, the so-called journalists at CNN had a much different take on what the emails revealed.

Donald Trump Honors Fallen Heroes—Not the ‘Long Weekend’

Donald Trump released a Memorial Day statement on Monday, honoring those who have fallen in service of our country.

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