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Biden Stretches The Truth On Key Issues

Joe Biden tried to spin several concerns for Americans during a recent interview. He sat down with a reporter Tuesday, but seemingly avoided responsibility for key issues.

Nev. GOP Gubernatorial Candidates Leading Over Democrat Gov. Sisolak

Two Republican candidates in Nevada’s gubernatorial race are leading over Democrat incumbent Gov. Steve Sisolak in hypothetical match-ups.

Ark. Gov. Hutchinson: Vaccine Mandates Are Unconstitutional

Arkansas Gov. Asa Hutchinson (R) is ramping up pressure against Joe Biden’s vaccine mandates. In an interview on Sunday, the governor said people must not be forced or intimidated into getting the COVID-19 vaccine.

WHO Warns Against Vaccine Mandates

The World Health Organization announced its hesitancy to COVID-19 vaccine mandates. The organization’s European director, Dr. Hans Kluge, made the WHO’s stance known on a recent video presser. Dr. Kluge said such a sweeping move should only be used as a last resort.

Nigel Farage Snags Interview With Donald Trump

The 45th U.S. paid a visit to his biggest British supporter, Nigel Farage, for an interview. In the wide ranging sit-down, Donald Trump discussed his potential run in 2024.

Fla. Per Capita Number Of COVID Cases Lowest Among U.S. States

Florida has continued to post the lowest number of COVID cases in the nation, while keeping a fully open economy. Health officials in the Sunshine State reported just over 1,300 daily average COVID cases last week, which is a 5 percent decrease in COVID-positivity over the past two-weeks.

L.A. On High Alert After Series Of Smash-And-Grab Robberies

A citywide tactical alert was lifted throughout a majority of Los Angeles on Saturday after the city was hit with multiple smash-and-grab robberies. Los Angeles Police are on high alert after the city underwent at least six flash mob style robberies on Black Friday.

Austrian Govt. Forces Unvaccinated Into Lockdown, Police Monitoring Citizens’ Activities

Austria’s government is forcing around 2 million unvaccinated residents into isolation. Beginning Monday, anyone over the age of 12 was forced into at least 10 days of lockdown measures.

Biden Vs. Supply Chain Experts

Despite what Joe Biden claims about the supply chain crisis, industry experts are warning the worst is yet to come. During a press conference Wednesday, Biden claimed there are more goods coming into the U.S. than ever before.

GOP Senators Block Democrat Election Overhaul Bill

Tension between the two major parties appears to heat up after the Democrat-backed election bill was blocked in the Senate. On Wednesday, Kamala Harris spoke to the press about GOP senator’s unanimous vote against the so-called Freedom to Vote Act, which aims to federalize U.S. elections. She expressed her frustrations.

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