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General Flynn Begins Endorsing America First Candidates, Starts With Gun-Toting Amanda Chase for Virginia Governor

Army Vet, Former Trump Official says Chase is the One to Take on Radical Left, Socialist Agenda General Michael Flynn has announced his endorsement of...

Twitter ‘Mistakenly’ Suspended MTG After ‘He Is Risen’ Tweet, Second Time In Less Than 30 Days

This is the second time in less than 30 days that Twitter has suspended Rep. Greene by mistake.

VIDEO: UK Police Forcefully Stop Good Friday Service, Threaten Christians With Fines Or Arrest

"Failure to comply with this direction to leave and go to your home address ultimately could lead you to be fined 200, or if you fail to give your details, to be arrested."

VIDEO: Pastor Throws Mask Police Out Of Church On Easter, ‘Don’t Come Back Without A Warrant!’

"Out, and don't come back without a warrant. Do not come back without a warrant, you understand that? You're not welcome here, Nazis are not welcome here."

‘ABSOLUTELY INSANE’: Facebook Plans To Partner With Government On Vaccine-Verified Facebook Profiles

Zuckerberg indicates vaccine profile frames may be artificially boosted in the algorithm to influence more people to get the vaccine

‘HOPE’: President Trump Hints At 2024 Run, Suggests Trump Rallies Will Return ‘Relatively Soon’

“In fact, we’re thinking about doing one relatively soon just to let everybody know that there’s hope in the future.”

Complaint Against Kamala-Affiliated D.C. Group Exposes Shady Hunter Biden Business Dealings

Truman National Security Project Has Close Affiliations With Biden Admin Figures

VIDEO: Skateboarding Trump Supporter Dodges Antifa Charge As Leftists Attack Oregon State Capitol

Antifa is violently attacking Americans outside the Salem, Oregon capitol building.

Drug Addled Hunter Biden Lied On Background Check To Obtain A Gun He Later Lost

Hunter Biden denied his drug abuse to obtain a gun. He later lost it.

VIDEO: Illegal Immigrants Proudly Admit They’re Entering U.S. Because ‘Joe Biden Said It Would Be Easy’

"Who among you came to cross the border because President Joe Biden said it was going to be easy? Raise your hands."

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