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Fox 26 Reporter Who Announced She Went to Project Veritas Live on Air Has Been Suspended

The Fox 26 reporter who went mega viral on Monday night for announcing that she went to Project Veritas about the company live on air has been suspended — and posted audio of the call online.

Suspect Accused of Two Day Long Shooting Spree Was Targeting White Males Say Police

Justin Tyran Roberts, a 39-year-old black man, was targeting white males in his two day long shooting spree that spanned two states, according to police.

SHOCKING JUMP in Vaccine Deaths Reported This Week at CDC-Linked VAERS Tracking Website

There are more US deaths related to vaccines in 2021 in less than 5 months than there were the entire past decade.

AG Merrick Garland Announces that His DOJ Will Scrutinize Any Post-Election Audit

The corrupt DOJ and its FBI totally ignored the flood of election crimes in the 2020 election. So it’s no surprise that now the corrupt AG decides to threaten any person who is involved in election audits to prevent them from looking into the election crimes and fraud that were committed.

2020 Ballots Were Modified in Multiple Republican Areas

It’s in the ballots. Now the printers of the ballots are in the hot seat. They better lawyer up.

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