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Former Elders At Mars Hill Call For Mark Driscoll To Resign From New Church

Mark Driscoll, former lead pastor at Mars Hill church, stepped down from his position as pastor following investigations brought about by reports of abusive leadership and un-Christ-like character.

Conservative Baptist Network Calls On New SBC President Ed Litton To Resign

A Baptist group is calling for the resignation of the Southern Baptist Convention's (SBC) new president over alleged plagiarism.

Football Coach Who Was Fired For Praying After Games To Take Case To Supreme Court

A football coach from Washington State who was fired for praying after games reportedly is taking his case to the United States Supreme Court.

Republicans Trust The Church Twice As Much As Democrats Do, Poll Finds

A recent Gallup survey reveals that Republicans trust the Church twice as much as Democrats do.

Pastor Who Was Stabbed 21 Times Forgives Attacker, Says God Kept Him Alive Through Ordeal

A pastor from Nevada who was stabbed nearly two dozen times forgives his attacker and said God kept him alive through the ordeal.

Jason Meyer, John Piper’s Successor, Resigns From Post Following Allegations Of Abuse In Leadership

The successor of John Piper and lead pastor at Bethlehem Baptist Church in Minneapolis has resigned over alleged leadership issues in the congregation.

Court Unanimously Rules University Of Iowa Wrongly Discriminated Against Christian Youth Organization

An appeals court has unanimously ruled against the University of Iowa for wrongly discriminating a Christian youth organization.

New Christian News Network, Meant To Bring ‘Media Revival,’ Launched In California

"American Faith," a new nonprofit news media network dedicated to promoting the "cause of truth and freedom," has formally started under the leadership of a California megachurch pastor. The network will offer breaking news and commentary on current events, as well as educational resources.

Trump Releases Letter Revealing Pennsylvania AG Barr Forbidding Attorney From Investigating Voter Fraud In State

Former President Donald Trump reportedly released a letter that exposes Pennsylvania Attorney General Bill Barr forbidding a former United States Attorney from investigating voter fraud and election crimes in the state.

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