Andi Venn


No Mask? No School for You!

conjuring images of that classic Seinfeld episode called “The Soup Nazi,” where a small take-out restaurant owner made the most delicious soup in all of Manhattan.

You’re Fired? The High Price of Free Speech and Social Media

Free speech is under attack in this country.

Be Heard: A Guide to Making Public Comments at School Board Meetings

Masks in schools, Critical Race Theory, social distancing, and vaccinations are among the many polarizing issues impacting public schools.

Pregnant Minors Can Have an Abortion without Parental Knowledge

I am sitting in a training for K-12 educators and suddenly overcome by emotion. My eyes well up with tears, waves of nausea grip my stomach, and my face pales in pain. These changes in my demeanor are almost imperceptible over Zoom, hidden by a small screen and masked by the flawless filter.

How the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) Tramples School Liberty

The very organization that claims to protect civil liberties is really using scare tactics to redefine “liberty” and overstep the boundaries of their own jurisdiction.

Critical Race Theory Through the Lens of a Christian Educator

Choices do matter. Effort matters. Individuals matter. Critical Race Theory would have us think otherwise.

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